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Annea Lockwood Neuma Records and Publications


The Angle of Repose (1991, baritone voice, alto flute, Khaen [Thai] or sho [Japanese])

bayou-borne (2016, 6 players, vocalists and/or instrumentalists)

Ear-Walking Woman (1996, prepared piano with amplification)

Gone! (2007, music box [piano-shaped], helium balloons)

I Give You Back (1993, solo soprano)

Immersion (1998, marimba, 2 large tam-tams, bowl gong tuned to F [quarts crystal if available], amplification)

Jitterbug (2007, 3 players on any instruments [amplified], 6-channel prerecorded sound)

Luminescence (2004, baritone, speaker, sextet)

monkey trips (1995, 2 bowed strings, 2 Winds/Brass, 2 Percussion plus MIDI, any additional instruments desired, amplification)

Night and Fog (1987, baritone voice, baritone saxophone, amplified piano, pre-recorded sound)

Red Mesa (1989, rev. 1993, for solo piano)

RCSC (2001, solo piano and lugnut)

Saouah! (1987, SATB chorus [16 voices], 4 gongs, 4 row boats [if possible])

Spirit Catchers (1974, 4 live speakers [not necessarily musicians])

Thousand Year Dreaming (1990, 2 Winds, 2 Trombones, 3 Percussion, 4 Didjeridu, 1 Voice, Quicktime Slide Projections)