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Annea Lockwood's bayou-borne

Now available from Neuma Publications: Annea Lockwood’s bayou-borne for 6 instrumentalists and/or vocalists

This work allows performers to use a map of bayous near Houston, Texas as a guide for sonic and interactive renderings. The work was composed for a memorial celebration of Pauline Oliveros, which took place in Montreal Canada in 2017. Click here to see more details and a small sample of the score.

Thomas DeLio: Selected Compositions 3

COMING SOON: Thomas DeLio's Selected Compositions III

DeLio’s interest in creating contexts in which to experience sound and text anew is brilliantly realized in the 15 works presented on this CD. In addition to stellar performances by highly respected performers and ensembles, the compositions on this disc vividly bring to life the poetry of Stéfane Mallarmé and P. Inman. Works included are: et avant / image (2011, for flute and percussion ensemble) et absence (2016, for violin and percussion ensemble) – qu’un espace / sépare – (2005, for soprano and percussion ensemble) limn 1 (2017, electroacoustic ) by parch reading (2016, electroacoustic [text: P. Inman]) limn 2 (2017, electroacoustic) wave / s 2002, percussion solo) limn 3 (2017, electroacoustic) Spüren (2016, electroacoustic) limn 4 (2017, electroacoustic) Sherds (for Wes Fuller, 2017, electroacoustic) limn 5 (2017, electroacoustic) “decker” (1998, electroacoustic) limn 6 (2017, electroacoustic) Against the silence… (1984-85, percussion ensemble)

Richard Karpen Strandlines

Richard Karpen: Nam Mái / Strandlines

Nam Mái (2014-15) and Strandlines (2006-7) are cornerstones of the most recent work of American composer Richard Karpen, presented on this recording with stunning clarity by the Seattle Symphony Strings and the Six Tones. The two works share a radical approach to musical composition, which has brought Karpen into intense collaborations with a number of musicians from very different traditions over the past fifteen years. With a wish to explore forms of musical creation emerging from the very fabric of the sounding material – rather than from the abstraction of the written score – this music is largely conceived through joint exploration, and through the kind of responsive listening often associated with the processes of composing electronic music.

Strandlines, a large-scale piece for 6-string guitar and computer, was vital in this development. The piece was created in 2006 and 2007 through an extensive collaborative process, involving Richard Karpen and the guitarist Stefan Östersjö.

Nam Mái is the third and most ambitious work with the Six Tones in which Karpen employs these methods of collaboration with a larger group of performers...READ MORE

James Dashow: Soundings in Pure Duration 1

James Dashow: Soundings in Pure Duration Vol. 1 (DVD)

James Dashow is certainly one of the most significant composers of electronic music in our time. Over a span of more than 45 years he has created a large significant, intricate, highly emotional, and stunningly beautiful body of work. This is especially evident in his series, “Soundings in Pure Duration”, composed over the past decade, represented in part on this DVD. The music heard here represents the fruition of decades of work developing computer techniques that enable Dashow to achieve a unique compositional approach.

Works on the DVD are presented in both stereo and 5.0 surround utilizing full-range speakers with no subwoofer. Compositions included are:

Soundings in Pure Duration, n. 2a (2009, rev. 2015, for pre-recorded percussion and computer sound)

Soundings in Pure Duration, n. 2b (2013, for pre-recorded percussion and computer sound)

Soundings in Pure Duration, n. 3 (2011, for guitar and computer sound)

Soundings in Pure Duration, n. 4 (2012, for viola and computer sound)

Soundings in Pure Duration, n. 5 (2012, for harp and computer sound)

Soundings in Pure Duration, n. 6 (2014, computer sound) ...READ MORE

Pioneer Otto Laske Signs with NEUMA Publications

Pioneer Otto Laske Signs with NEUMA Publications

Neuma Records & Publications proudly announces we are the exclusive publisher of composer Otto Laske. Laske joined the Neuma family 20 years ago when he contributed his highly revered Treelink (1992) to one of our most popular releases, the 1996 Electro Acoustic Music V. Since then, two more of his works have appeared on the label, one of which, Furies and Voices on Electro Acoustic Music VI, accompanied the most comprehensive book on Laske’s work to date, Otto Laske: New Musical Horizons (edited by Jerry Tabor, Greenwood Press, 1999).

Over the next two years, Neuma will add most of Laske’s acoustic and electroacoustic works to our catalog and release numerous Laske recordings as historical collections. Also forthcoming are albums of his more recent audiovisual works using animation techniques that reflect his electroacoustic compositional approaches. Completing this renaissance composer’s catalog entries are some of his brilliant digital paintings.

Dashow: Scenes from Archimedes

New Release: Dariusz Mazurowski: Hidden Dimensions

Milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia… Is time the fourth dimension or just one of many parameters of multidimensional spacetime. How many hidden dimensions are there? According to the linear concept, time is a means to measure events, ordered from the past through the present into the future. We can have memories of the past, but not of the future. But what if it would be possible to travel across multidimensional spacetime and discover that time is not linear, but a much more complex mechanism? Is the experience of time just a straight line? Today our knowledge and experience of time, at the macroscopic level, is not time-reversal invariant. Consequently, everything real today will be just a memory of the past tomorrow... READ MORE

Dashow: Scenes from Archimedes

New Release: James Dashow: Three Scenes from Archimedes and Media Survival Kit in Surround-Sound and Stereo DVD MAY 2019

Over an eight-year span (2000-2008), pioneering composer James Dashow created his surround-sound fixed media opera, Archimedes, which is intended to be presented in a planetarium along with animated graphics that are projected on the ceiling as the opera unfolds. In many ways, this opera is interesting for historical reasons, one of which is that the technology used during the time of creation inevitably changed and yielded variations in the modes of presentation. (These have been streamlined on the DVD for a more seamless experience). But also, the opera offers a unique glimpse into the composer’s personality and extraordinary technical skills with sound synthesis techniques. Taken together, the sound and video offer a dramatic rendition of the story of Archimedes, excerpted in three acts available in either stereo or 5.0 surround (full-spectrum speakers with no subwoofer)... READ MORE

Three Italian Composers Join the Neuma Family

Three Italian Composers Join the Neuma Family

During a summer 2016 visit to Italy, Jerry Tabor, Director of Neuma, conducted rare video interviews with two respected, pioneering composers in electroacoustic music: James Dashow and Agostino de Scipio. These interviews reveal historical and aesthetic details surrounding the work of these exciting composers. These interviews will appear soon on our website’s research page along with interviews by Thomas DeLio, Otto Laske, and Dariusz Mazurowski.

While in Italy, Jerry spent time with three exciting Italian composers who are known for stretching boundaries and creating imaginative sound worlds. Neuma is dedicated to championing new and original music and Neuma’s publication arm is pleased to release numerous works by these composers in its 2017 catalog!

Neuma Records and Publications New Composer: Francesco Telli

New Neuma Composer: Francesco Telli

Francesco Telli received his musical education at the Rome Conservatory of Music Santa Cecilia, where he was awarded diplomas in Pianoforte, Composition, and Orchestra Conducting. He continued to perfect his art through international specialization courses at the National Academy of Santa Cecilia and at the Chigiana Academy in Siena, where he obtained a Diploma of Merit both in Composition and in Orchestra Conducting, and through Professional Qualification courses at the Fiesole School of Music. Among his Maestros are prestigious and estimable artists like pianists Augusto D’Ottavi and Giuseppe La Licata, composers Armando Renzi, Irma Ravinale, and Franco Donatoni, and orchestra conductors Bruno Aprea, Piero Bellugi and Franco Ferrara...

Silvia Lanzalone NEUMA Records & Publications

New Neuma Composer: Silvia Lanzalone Lanzalone

Silvia Lanzalone earned a Diploma of Flute at Giuseppe Martucci Conservatoire of Salerno, the Diploma of Composition and the Diploma of Electronic Music at the Alfredo Casella Conservatoire of Music of L'Aquila and at Santa Cecilia Conservatoire of Rome. Since 1997, Lanzalone works at the Centro Ricerche Musicali (CRM) in Rome, as a composer, researcher and musical assistant. She has been Head of the Department of New Technologies and New Languages and professor of Electronic Composition at the G. Martucci Conservatoire of Salerno since 2009. Lanzalone focuses her work on experimentation and research into new expressive and linguistic solutions, primarily using computer technology to process sound in real time. Her current interest is in creating improvisational pieces with gestural components. In these works, Lanzalone integrates the computer with the creation of interactive instruments to produce creative sound installations. Rather than artificially imposing algorithms on natural sound, Lanzalone melds technology with the entire physical-acoustic structure to create a new ‘instrument’, conceived and designed in parallel with the music to give life to a specific and independent artwork, which is both plastic and sonorous. The focus on the visual element is based on the aesthetical idea that the work of art is an intermedial experience where several perceptual items converge...

Paolo Gatti Neuma Records and Publications

New Neuma Composer: Paolo Gatti

Paolo Gatti is a composer, producer, and performer of electronic and electroacoustic music. His compositions have been performed at such events as Emufest, the BNL Media Art Festival of Rome, and the Riccardo Bianchini Festival. His music has been heard extensively throughout Italy in such venues as the Argentina Theatre, the MAXXI Museum, the Mind Museum (Santa Maria della Pietà), the Tor Bella Monaca Theatre, the Orsini Castle (situated in Avezzano), the concert hall of the Cimarosa Conservatory of Avellino, and the Ennio Morricone Auditorium of the Tor Vergata University of Rome. Gatti’s international performances include Leeds Music College during the IFIMPAC and the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival in 2016. In 2015, his work for violin and electronics, Poltergeist, was awarded a Claudio Abbado National Prize...READ MOREHis music has been recorded on both the Video Radio and StudioloLaps labels...

Gatti has written music for theatre, working in collaboration with the S. D'Amico Theatre Academy of Rome. In 2017, he composed the original music for the theatrical show S.P.E.M., written and produced by G. Trippetta and C. Pelliccia, and performed at the Orologio Theatre of Rome. In collaboration with poets, Gatti composed music for performances at the Palabra en el mundo International Poetry Festival and the poetry show, Fede o Sete, written by G. Miani and produced by P. Cicirelli, performed at the Palazzetto dei Nobili in L’Aquila. He is the co-founder, along with F. Bianco, of the laptop duo“Frei”, which performs in festivals and events like Emufest and Slaps Pourri 2.0...